How to Research Needs & Wants From Stakeholders?

Answer Stakeholders generally have divergent needs and wants, but can expect you, or your organization, to respond to all their requests. To keep stakeholders engaged, they need to feel included, but your... Read More »

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Needs Vs. Wants Activities?

The category "needs vs. wants" is a very broad one that could apply both to Native American tribes living in the Plains hundreds of years ago and to current political decision-making processes. En... Read More »

Difference between Needs and Wants in Economics?

If you need to save money or get a better handle on your budget, determine which things you absolutely need and which aren't necessary. There are many things you need to survive and thrive in the w... Read More »

A pregnant woman is confused and wants to research her options, she goes to an adoption agency and?

I think it's like walking into a car dealership with a bad credit rating--only the strongest can come out without being talked into something they don't need.There are people at both places who hav... Read More »

Can a 12-year-old special-needs child choose - in a divorce proceeding - which parent he wants to live with?

It is sad that this situation exists, and I'm sorry for the child more than for the parents. I happen to be around some disabled children sometimes and some seem to be sort of with it. If the disab... Read More »