How to Rescue Endangered Animals?

Answer Endangered animals are those that are so few in number they are in jeopardy of dying out altogether and becoming extinct. While not every endangered animal can be saved, there is hope for many of t... Read More »

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Animals Endangered in the U.S.A?

More than 5,400 species of mammals exist. Within the United States, more than 410 mammal species reside. Of the 410, more than 80 are endangered, according to the National Wildlife Federation. In 1... Read More »

Endangered Wildlife Animals?

Once animals become extinct, they are gone forever. Endangered wildlife are important to keep protected so we can continue to enjoy them, and they can stay part of the circle of life on the planet ... Read More »

Endangered Animals in Arizona?

According to the Arizona Fish and Game Department, an endangered species is defined as one that is "in immediate danger of becoming extinct and needs protection to survive." When animals lose their... Read More »

How are animals classified as endangered?

Animals are classified as an endangered species when the overall population has dwindled to dangerous levels or some sort of major problem may likely arise in the near future to cause extinction. O... Read More »