How to Represent an Exponent in Math?

Answer Understanding exponents, what they mean and how to represent them is an essential part of mathematics. Students need to not feel intimidated when they see mathematical expressions with exponents, b... Read More »

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Math Projects Using Variables That Represent a Verbal Description?

Learning to solve math problems is a vital part of a student's education. Solving math problems sometimes involves dealing with variables that are represented by letters that are assigned a specifi... Read More »

How to Put an Exponent on a Keyboard?

If you would like to add an exponent to a number in your word processing document, such as Microsoft Word, then you can do so with a keyboard shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts help you to perform functi... Read More »

How to Eliminate an Exponent?

To eliminate any number in math, you must perform the opposite function. The opposite of any exponential operation is to raise the number either to the reciprocal power or take the number to the ro... Read More »

How to Factor out an Exponent?

An exponent tells the number of times by which the number should be multiplied by itself. The exponent is written in superscript to the upper right of the original number. Exponents are common in m... Read More »