How to Report a Fake Organization on Facebook?

Answer Fake or illegitimate organizations violate Facebook's terms of use. Facebook recommends reporting these pages as soon as possible so the company can review the page and take appropriate action if n... Read More »

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Does it really do any good to report spam anymore and what is the best organization to report spam to?

Most spammers are paid for the number of times the email is delivered. So it doesn't even have to reach you for them to get returns. Meaning, as long as it gets to your email server it's okay. I... Read More »

How do i report california organization non-profit fraud to the irs?

Complete IRS form 3949-A to report California organization non-profit fraud to the IRS. Include information on how you became aware of the fraud, the extent of the fraud and the number of years dur... Read More »

How to Make a Facebook Page for a Celebrity or Organization?

[[Image:Facebook logo 4.jpg|right|250px]Many people enjoy making Facebook pages for their favorite celebrity, a business, or an organization. It is a simple and easy thing to do if only you follow ... Read More »

How to Report Fake College Degrees?

A fake diploma means that someone is not being honest. They want you to believe that they have a degree when in reality they do not. Although having a fake diploma isn't a crime, it could be that a... Read More »