How to Report Your IRA on Your Tax Return?

Answer Individual Retirement Accounts must be reported properly on your income taxes so that you can take advantage of the tax benefits they offer for your retirement savings. Certain IRA contributions re... Read More »

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Do I Need to Report My Inheritance on My Federal Tax Return?

Inheritance reporting, like almost everything involving the IRS, is a tricky subject. The answer is usually "it depends." In inheritance cases it primarily depends on what type of income it is and ... Read More »

How do I report social security on a tax return?

Complete Worksheet 1, "Figuring Your Taxable Benefits," in IRS Publication 915 to determine how much of your Social Security benefits must be included in your taxable income. Use the amount found i... Read More »

How to Report Stock Options on a Tax Return?

Filling out federal tax forms can be confusing without the added complication of stock options. However, when you sell your stock options, you must report any income gains or losses resulting from ... Read More »

How to Report 1099 K Income on Tax Return?

New IRS rules for 3rd party payers has created an enormous confusion for all tax payers. Starting 2011, all credit card companies, eBay, Amazon, and all other companies providing services to mercha... Read More »