How to Report Someone Who Is in the Country Illegally?

Answer Illegal immigration costs the United States an untold amount of money each year in bureaucracy costs, education, medical bills, and unpaid taxes. Fox News places the dollar amount at $113 billion a... Read More »

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How do I report people who get food stamps illegally?

Contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General at 800-447-8477 or send an email to Explain the reasons you suspect fraud is being com... Read More »

How to Write a Country Report for the 3rd Grade?

Writing a country report can be a rich experience that allows the student to venture into a foreign land through recommended resources. A country report should focus on the competencies of a third-... Read More »

What Can Be Done When You Are Foreclosed on Illegally?

As of June 2011, the shadow inventory of foreclosures ballooned while processing slowed to a near standstill. CBS News reported that the situation resulted from lenders' sloppy paperwork, which som... Read More »

Should I download illegally ?

lol.Here's how I think of it. Itunes, screw them, because Apple already got their money from you when you bought the ipod.The artists? If you buy a song or two by them, and then "obtain" ;) other s... Read More »