How to Report Somebody on Facebook?

Answer Spammers, ex-partners, cyber bullies and criminals can all take the fun out of Facebook. Facebook is meant to be a meeting place for friends and acquaintances to share information, play games and c... Read More »

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How to find out somebody details on facebook by id no?

that all depends on what details you mean - you can only get the basicslet's say the person's vanity URL is you do is change the www to graph so that it looks like t... Read More »

How to Find Out if Somebody Has Blocked You on Facebook?

Facebook provides nearly unlimited options for you to stay in contact with your friends. When you want to cut someone out of your Facebook life completely, use the block feature to prohibit that pe... Read More »

What to do about somebody stalking me on facebook?

Ignore him and keep blocking him. If he's making actual threats against you, you could report him on facebook or even get the police involved.You can setup your facebook so that you are hidden to p... Read More »

What does ' @ somebody ' mean in facebook ?

no,it means they are included in your comment and they can check it if they want to.