How to Report People Who Are AWOL?

Answer Individuals reported AWOL are fugitives. AWOL stands for absent without leave and is a term used for those who desert their military obligations. The branch of military that the person deserts will... Read More »

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What would the Web be like if people could report websites the same way they can report Q & A on Answers?

Sounds like the self-appointed Yahoo Answers Police (or as I call 'em the "Yahzis") got you too.

What happens when you go awol from army?

They hunt you down and throw you in the brig. That would be the military jail.

What is the consequence for going AWOL from a war?

The consequences can be very severe, and you will not be tried in a civilian court under civilian rules. You will be tried by military court and may be incarcerated in military prison.

How to report people on wiki?

If the question you're asking is "I need compromising pics or videos of Wiki people I don't like so I can use it as evidence against them when I report them on Wikipedia" then there are many method... Read More »