How to Report Illegal DTE Use?

Answer Illegal use of energy comes in many forms, ranging from tampering with a utility meter to stealing copper from utility equipment. If you suspect someone is committing any type of energy theft from ... Read More »

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How to Report Illegal ATM Withdrawals?

If you've ever been the victim of identity theft, you know the fear you feel when you think about having your bank accounts manipulated or your money stolen. Many thieves use ATM machines to make i... Read More »

How to Report Illegal Immigrants?

Illegal immigrants are common across the United States and often in other countries as well. They can drain the resources that should be allocated to citizens of that country, and they take advanta... Read More »

Is it illegal to witness a crime&not report it?

It is not illegal to witness a crime and not report it in most jurisdictions. This idea was popularized in the TV show "Seinfeld" finale, but it is not based in fact. Legal experts have concluded t... Read More »

How to Report Illegal Activity Anonymously?

It is a citizen's responsibility to report illegal activity to law enforcement. If a crime is witnessed by one or more people and no one reports it, it is unlikely police will locate the activity o... Read More »