How to Report IRA Withdrawals?

Answer Individual Retirement Accounts are structured to supplement retirement income either with regular or periodic distributions. The structure allows distributions to be taken after age 59 1/2 without ... Read More »

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How to Report Illegal ATM Withdrawals?

If you've ever been the victim of identity theft, you know the fear you feel when you think about having your bank accounts manipulated or your money stolen. Many thieves use ATM machines to make i... Read More »

Can POA Be Used for IRA Withdrawals?

Is the attorney-in-fact you have appointed under a power of attorney document (POA) allowed to withdraw funds from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) on your behalf? If you are out of the cou... Read More »

How to Tax SEP Withdrawals?

SEP stands for simplified employee pension plan, which is a type of individual retirement account. SEP IRAs are tax-deferred accounts, which means that you receive a tax deduction for contributions... Read More »

How to Return IRA Withdrawals?

You've taken dollars out of an IRA for a project and now are ready to put the money back where it belongs. Since the IRS doesn't allow loans from IRA plans, there is no straightforward method of ac... Read More »