How to Reply to a Summons of Being Sued?

Answer If you have received a summons in regards to a civil lawsuit that has been filed against you, replying to the complaint is a straightforward and relatively easy task. After notifying your attorney ... Read More »

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Should you respond to being sued for custody?

i am being sued by my child father how do i response to this matter i don,t have money for a attorney

Are doctors being sued for malpractice too much?

On One Hand: Malpractice Suits Reduce Unsafe PracticesAccording to a Center for Justice and Democracy report, "patients have suffered tremendously as a result of dangerous or incompetent health car... Read More »

College loans. Cant pay them and being sued.?

What company did he take out a loan with? I've never heard of a student being sued because he didn't make his payments. I know MANY students who don't make their payments and if anything, they are ... Read More »

Can you go to jail for being sued for credit card debt?

In order to be put into jail or prison in the United States, a person must first be convicted of criminal activities or behavior. In the United States, it is not considered a crime to fail to make ... Read More »