How to Reply to a Summons of Being Sued?

Answer If you have received a summons in regards to a civil lawsuit that has been filed against you, replying to the complaint is a straightforward and relatively easy task. After notifying your attorney ... Read More »

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I have Limewire and i hear you can get sued, how can i use limewire and not get sued by the RIAA?

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Do I Need a Lawyer If I Get a Summons?

A summons is a document issued by a judge or government agency requiring you to appear in court. Although you are not required to hire a lawyer if you get a summons, it is often advisable to do so.

How to Find a Summons Against Someone?

A summons filed against anyone is a matter of public record, unless otherwise sealed or made confidential by law, and is therefore easily accessed. All you will need is some basic information about... Read More »

What Happens If I Miss My Summons?

If you miss your summons, then you have failed to appear in court. A failure to appear, or FTA, is a crime. The consequences of an FTA conviction depend on the original cause of the summons and th... Read More »