How to Reply to a Open Invitation Interview Letter?

Answer An open invitation interview letter will have gone out to multiple other competitors for the position, meaning you know in advance that the hirers are seeking out reasons to reject candidates. Thus... Read More »

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How to Reply to a Complaint Letter?

If you operate a business or have clients of any sort, you may at some point receive a complaint letter. In fact, in some professions, such as that of a landlord, a complaint letter might be the ty... Read More »

If you send a letter will you get a reply from ms Oprah?

How to Reply to a Letter from an Editor in Chief of a Journal?

A proper reply is crucial in communicating with an editor-in-chief. Editors are often acutely aware of spelling and grammar used, and will pick up on any errors.

I already sent an approval letter to an agent for one week. But there is no one reply.?

Firstly, don't limit yourself to querying just one agent. It's fine to send queries to multiple agents. If you're lucky more than one will want to represent your script, then you'll have your pic... Read More »