How to Reply to a Complaint?

Answer If you have to deal with customers on a regular basis at your job, you are likely to run into at least one unhappy customer. He might not be satisfied with the service you provided for him and may ... Read More »

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How to Reply to a Complaint Letter?

If you operate a business or have clients of any sort, you may at some point receive a complaint letter. In fact, in some professions, such as that of a landlord, a complaint letter might be the ty... Read More »

How to Get a Boy to Reply to You on Bbm?

When you get/find out a pin of someone you like and he won't reply it's so annoying right? So this article will tell you exactly how to get this boy to reply!

How do you reply to this?

Play for the team! This is the correct response...Good luck!

How to Reply to an Email?

Replying to an email is often your next step when following up with or communicating to the sender about a particular topic via email. Nearly every email provider or client allows you to reply to a... Read More »