How to Replant a Grown Papaya Tree?

Answer The papaya tree thrives as a container plant in tropical, subtropical and warm, temperate climates. The papaya is prone to shock when transplanted, but the shock can be avoided, or at least minimiz... Read More »

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How to Replant a Tree?

Moving a tree from 1 spot to another by yourself can be a daunting task if it's a large tree. It can, however, be rewarding once you learn how to replant a tree properly. By learning how to replant... Read More »

How do I replant a cedar tree?

Dig a hole approximately 7 inches in diameter in ideal planting soil where you would like the tree to be relocated.Remove the cedar tree from its current location. Dig deep down, getting as much of... Read More »

How do i replant tree cuttings?

Propagating trees by stem cuttings is a notoriously difficult process. Newly rooted seedlings should not be planted directly in the landscape. Instead, transplant them into well-drained containers ... Read More »

How Do I Keep Wasps Away From My Papaya Tree?

Although a papaya plant looks like a tree, it is actually a large herb that bears melon-like sweet fruit. The fresh fruit is eaten raw or used to make juice. Often mistaken for a wasp, the papaya f... Read More »