How to Replace the Wiper Motor on a C280 Mercedes?

Answer Daimler AG introduced the Mercedes-Benz C-class of executive cars in 1993. The C280 is the high-end model of the debut generation, coming out in 1996 and featuring an engine that can pull 190 horse... Read More »

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What kind of motor oil does a Mercedes C280 take?

A motor oil with a grade of 0W-40 is recommended for a Mercedes C280. The C280 can also use a 5W-30 oil, but the owner's manual and mechanics generally recommend the synthetic 0W-40 for best perfor... Read More »

What kind of motor oil is used for a 1998 Mercedes C280?

A Mercedes-Benz C 280 four-door sedan uses 10W-40 synthetic motor oil as recommended by the German auto maker. The C 280's six-cylinder, 194-horsepower engine can hold up to 5 quarts of oil.Referen... Read More »

How to Replace an EGR Valve on a 1984 Mercedes C280?

You may find it necessary to replace the EGR valve on your Mercedes because of poor running conditions or issues with exhaust emissions. The EGR valve helps your car burn fuel more efficiently. If ... Read More »

How do I Replace the Head Gasket on a 1995 Mercedes C280?

You can find the head gasket on your 1995 Mercedes C280 between the engine block and cylinder head. The gasket is used to help prevent coolant and oil from leaking into the engine block. If your he... Read More »