How to Replace the Windshield Trim on a Mazda Miata?

Answer The Miata is a small, lightweight roadster produced by Mazda. It is a rear-drive car popular in autocrossing and road racing due to its near 50/50 weight distribution characteristics. The standard ... Read More »

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How to Replace the Wiper Arms on a Mazda Miata?

Wiper arms, unlike wiper blades, are the actual arms at the base of the blades that move them across your windshield, pushing rainwater and other obscurities out of the way. Wiper arms are typicall... Read More »

How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor in a Mazda Miata?

The Mazda Miata contains two oxygen sensors. The sensors are located on each end of the catalytic converter; they help control the fuel consumption based on the amount of oxygen in the car's exhaus... Read More »

How to Replace the Water Sensor on a 1991 Mazda Miata?

The water sensor, also known as the coolant temperature sensor, is a device attached to your 1991 Mazda Miata's radiator that monitors the temperature of the coolant inside the radiator. The water ... Read More »

How to Replace Windshield Trim?

Windshield trim, or molding, supports the windshield in the frame by adding sturdiness and security to the glass. It also helps to seal the windshield from high winds and rain. Over time, the trim ... Read More »