How to Replace the Wheels on a Longboard?

Answer Replacing the wheels on your longboard can breathe new life into your skateboard. Over time, the wheels will wear down through the constant contact with the street, which can lead to uncontrolled s... Read More »

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How to Clean My Longboard Wheels and Bearings?

The most important part of a properly functioning longboard is fast spinning wheels, but the wheels will not spin fast if the bearings are covered in gunk. The bearings are responsible for making t... Read More »

How to Make Longboard Wheels Look Brand New?

The longboard is a large skateboard designed for stability. The board is used to travel at fast speeds and does not provide a platform for jumping style tricks like the standard skateboard deck. Lo... Read More »

How to Replace Motorcycle Wheels?

Maintaining the quality of both the wheels and the tires is vital safety measure for any motorcyclist, but many are ignorant of what to do when the wheel actually needs replacing. Taking your bike ... Read More »

How to Replace Lawn Mower Wheels?

Lawn mower wheels are made of a hard plastic. While they are durable, they are susceptible to damage. A large rock can crack the wheel's center, which will make the lawn mower nearly impossible to ... Read More »