How to Replace the Water Pump in a Ford Explorer?

Answer The water pump is a very important part of the Ford Explorer's cooling system in your Ford Explorer. In fact, it is nothing less than the heart of the cooling system, circulating the coolant. A fau... Read More »

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How to Replace a Water Pump on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

The cooling system on the 1997 Ford Explorer is a liquid-based system driven by a water pump. An engine operates more efficiently at the correct temperature, and the cooling system maintains that t... Read More »

How to Repair a Ford Explorer Water Pump?

The water pump in your Ford Explorer is responsible for pushing the coolant through the engine to maintain a safe engine operating temperature. A failing water pump can cause your Explorer’s engi... Read More »

How to Put in a Water Pump on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

The 1993 Explorer was Ford's push for the top sport utility vehicle for that year. It came in many body styles and engine sizes, which provided a range of benefits that could be tailored to fit eac... Read More »

How do I put in a water pump on a 1993 Ford Explorer?

PrepareGather all implements, such as a socket wrench set, a drain pan, pliers, a new water pump and coolant. Wear overalls or old clothes if necessary.Install the Water PumpDrain the water from th... Read More »