How to Replace the Washer in the Shower Diverter Valve?

Answer Diverter valves are installed into faucets to stop the flow of water and divert it to another location. In the case of a sink faucet, the diverter causes water to flow out of the sink sprayer. In s... Read More »

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How do I Disassemble a Three-Valve Diverter Shower Stem?

The three-valve diverter stem gives users a distinct advantage in the shower because of the way that it disperses water. Three-valve diverter stems allow consumers to connect multiple shower heads ... Read More »

How do you change the cartridge in a Cuthbert shower diverter valve?

Replace Cuthbert shower diverter Note: this is for a Cuthbert brand shower diverter installed in 1977. It's a separate valve between the hot and cold, and above the tub spout but below the shower ... Read More »

How to Replace a Shower Diverter?

You should find that your leaking shower spout and diverter attach to the wall in one of two distinct ways. They could secure by means of a copper supply pipe anchored with a set screw, or they may... Read More »

What Is a Air Diverter Valve for a Car?

An air diverter valve is part of automotive emission control systems that have air pumps deliver air to the exhaust system. The air diverter valve diverts excess exhaust system air flow based on se... Read More »