How to Replace the Vacuum Advance Unit of a Chevy?

Answer The procedure to replace the vacuum advance unit varies little from one Chevy model to another. However, engage the new advance unit correctly during installation for proper operation. Once you hav... Read More »

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How to Replace the Vacuum Advance?

The vacuum advance in your vehicle sits inside the distributor and is designed to assist in keeping the distributor cool as well as improve idling and throttle response. The vacuum advance is a sma... Read More »

How to Hook a Vacuum Advance Into a Full Manifold Vacuum?

The vacuum advance mechanism is designed to increase the spark timing once the engine is started. It allows the timing to be retarded for the purpose of starting. As soon as the engine is started, ... Read More »

Where to conect vacuum line from tve vacuum advance?

How to Replace a Chevy Cheyenne Pick-Up Flasher Unit?

The Chevy Cheyenne pickup truck has a flasher unit that makes the turn signals and emergency flashers blink. People commonly call them blinkers. The flashers make use of a mechanism that intermitte... Read More »