How to Replace the Upper Ball Joint in a 1995 Dodge Dakota?

Answer The 1995 Dodge Dakota has upper ball joints connecting each tire to the vehicle's steering linkage. The upper ball joints allow you to steer the wheels. Without the upper ball joints, you will not ... Read More »

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How to Replace Upper Ball Joint on 1995 GMC Safari?

The upper ball joint on a 1995 GMC Safari is mounted to the upper control arm. This ball joint connects the front spindle to the upper control arm, and allows the upper control arm to flex up and d... Read More »

How to Replace an Upper Ball Joint on a Dodge Stratus?

The ball joints are part of your suspension system. They help your vehicle's tires and wheels ride smoothly over bumps and holes on the road. However, the upper ball joint is an integral part of th... Read More »

How to Replace a Dodge Dakota Lower Ball Joint?

The ball joint in the Dodge Dakota's lower control arm controls the steering and suspension much like the upper bone joint connected to the pelvis controls the leg. If your truck's ball joint needs... Read More »

How to Replace an Upper Ball Joint?

Ball joint wear is indicated by the steering knuckle and wheel assembly being loose on the control arm, which runs from the car's frame to the steering knuckle (right where the ball joint is). Ther... Read More »