How to Replace the U-Joint on a Drive Shaft?

Answer A drive shaft is used in rear wheel drive vehicles as a means of transferring power from the engine and transmission to the rear axle differential. The drive shaft is a hollow metal tube that has u... Read More »

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How to Get the CV Joint Off the Drive Shaft?

The counter velocity or CV joints on your vehicle are components on the drive shaft. The CV joints make the axle more flexible so the wheels spin with less resistance. If you have heard a grinding ... Read More »

How to Change a Cherokee Drive Shaft U-Joint?

Changing drive shaft U-joints in the Jeep Cherokee should be part of your maintenance program. The U-joints are located at each end of the drive shaft and allow the shaft to travel up and down with... Read More »

How to Remove a Universal Joint From the Drive Shaft of a 4Runner?

The universal joint, also called a U-joint, is installed within the ends of the driveshaft on a vehicle and helps send power to the wheels from the transmission. To remove a universal joint from a ... Read More »

How to Replace a Car's Drive Shaft?

Some car repairs and maintenance can be too challenging for most do-it-yourselfers, and some, such as oil changes or tune-ups, can be easy. Replacing a car's drive shaft can be somewhat challenging... Read More »