How to Replace the Timing Chain on a 1994 Saturn?

Answer Changing the timing chain on a 1994 Saturn is a complicated process that only mechanics with some automotive-repair experience and engine component knowledge should attempt. The timing chain can be... Read More »

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How to Install a Timing Chain in a '97 Saturn?

Installing the timing chain on a 1997 Saturn is a challenging task, especially for those mechanics who have never completed a similar task. However, most mechanics can replace the chain with a few ... Read More »

How to Get to a Timing Chain on a Saturn 1995 SL2?

Before performing work on the timing chain or timing chain sprocket, you must remove some engine components before you can get to the timing chain. Gaining access to the chain on a 1995 Saturn SL2 ... Read More »

How to Remove a Saturn SC2 Timing Chain?

The Saturn SC2 uses a timing chain, rather than a timing belt. You do not need to replace a timing chain as often as a timing belt, because it doesn't stretch as easily. Generally, replace a timing... Read More »

How to Replace an S-10 Timing Chain?

The timing chain on your Chevrolet S-10 truck is essential for the operation of the S-10's engine. The timing chain keeps the valves of the engine running in the precise order necessary for the eng... Read More »