How to Replace the Timer on a GE Electric Stove?

Answer While General Electric manufactures many types of ranges with a variety of features, one feature that all modern General Electric ranges have in common is the presence of a digital display and cont... Read More »

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How to Replace the Timer on a GE Stove?

Stove timers are useful in a number of different cooking operations, from boiling eggs to preparing a pot roast or baking a cake. For economic reasons, GE and other stove manufacturers rely on outs... Read More »

How to replace a element control on your electric stove?

instead of repairing your things just buy new one....

How much electric current does each of these items need a colour television b vacuum cleaner c stove element d toaster e electric clock?

If you bought a house and it didn't have a stove and you have an electric stove and there is an outlet for gas and what appears to be a regular plug how would you know if this is a 240V outlet?

Answers for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains suppliesEasy answer: can you plug a toaster into this outlet? If you CAN, it is only for a 120 volts and not suitable to supply power ... Read More »