How to Replace the Thermostat on an Audi 1.8T?

Answer The Audi 1.8T engine is installed in many Audi vehicles, such as the 1996 through 2001 Audi A4. The thermostat in the engine regulates engine temperature as it exits the engine and enters the radia... Read More »

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How to Replace the Thermostat in an Audi A4?

The thermostat in your Audi A4 is a small, but crucial, device for the proper operation of your vehicle's cooling system. Located between the radiator and the engine, it moderates the flow of coola... Read More »

How to Replace a Thermostat on an Audi 2.8?

Replacing the thermostat on the Audi 2.8 V6 engine is much different from an American V6 automobile because the thermostat is located to the right of the engine crank on the front of the engine. Th... Read More »

How To Replace the Thermostat in a 2000 Audi A8?

If the temperature gauge in the 2000 Audi A8 reads above normal or if the Audi has overheated, you likely have a faulty thermostat. When the thermostat fails to open at the correct temperature, the... Read More »

DIY: How to Replace a Thermostat on a 1999 Audi A8?

If your Audi A8 is running hotter than usual, the vehicle's thermostat may be the problem. The thermostat controls the flow of coolant through the engine. If it malfunctions, it will prevent coolan... Read More »