How to Replace the Thermostat on a 1995 Saturn SL?

Answer A Saturn SL's thermostat controls the temperature of the radiator fluid inside the vehicle's engine. When the thermostat fails or becomes stuck, it can prevent the engine from building up enough h... Read More »

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How to Replace the Thermostat on Saturn SL2?

Auto manufacturing has come a long way since Henry Ford harnessed the power of explosions to make his Model T go forward. But, for all our modern progress, engines today still have one very importa... Read More »

How to Replace a Thermostat in a Saturn SL1?

The Saturn SL1 is a fuel-efficient car produced by General Motors. The high revolution engine in this car makes the coolant system a crucial part of the vehicle. The coolant system is controlled by... Read More »

How to Remove and Replace a Thermostat in a Saturn?

The thermostat in a Saturn acts as a valve to control how much of the coolant reaches the engine, to keep it operating at an even temperature. If your thermostat fails, it can cause your entire eng... Read More »

How to Replace a Headlight on a 1995 Saturn SC1?

If a headlight on your 1995 Saturn SC1 burns out, it is important to replace it right away, for safety considerations. The Saturn SC1 headlights are located just inside the engine compartment. The ... Read More »