How to Replace the Tail Light in a 1997 Ford F-150?

Answer The F-150 is a full-sized pickup truck designed and manufactured by Ford Motors. The F-150 is equipped with taillights in the back of the tailgate. The taillights offer increased visibility during ... Read More »

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How to Replace a 1997 Ford Explorer Tail Light?

If you own a 1997 Ford Explorer, part of the routine maintenance that needs to be done is to check for working tail lights. If your tail light bulbs burn out, replacing them is an easy task that yo... Read More »

How to Remove a Tail Light Assembly From a 1997 Ford Escort?

The Escort is a compact car produced by Ford from 1981 to 2003. The tail light assembly of the 1997 Ford Escort is located in the trunk of the vehicle and is held in by two retaining screws. The ta... Read More »

How to Replace the Tail Light on a 1997 Lexus?

Tail lights that illuminate when braking, driving with the head lights on, or reversing, are required by state law for any vehicle on the road. If the tail light on your 1997 Lexus burns out, you n... Read More »

How to Replace a 1997 Toyota Corolla Tail Light?

The tail light on the 1997 Toyota Corolla is contained within the tail lamp assembly along with the rear turn signal light and the backup light. Replacing these lights requires the removal of the t... Read More »