How to Replace the TCO Magnetron of a GE Over the Stove Top Microwave?

Answer GE Spacemaker over the range microwaves are designed to offer years of trouble-free service. However, with improper use, the magnetron can burn out prematurely, for example, using the microwave as ... Read More »

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What is a magnetron in a microwave?

The magnetron is the heart of a microwave oven, the part that produces microwaves. It is a type of electron tube known as a diode tube. When a magnetic field is created in the magnetron, electrons ... Read More »

Where is the magnetron located in the microwave?

The magnetron of a microwave oven is located in the electronics bay of the microwave usually directly behind the oven's controls. The magnetron, the device that generates the microwaves used to coo... Read More »

What height should the microwave be over the stove?

Microwave ovens should be mounted as low as possible over the stove but not low enough to interfere with cooking pots. Below eye level is the best height. Most over-the-range microwave ovens are mo... Read More »

Does popcorn pop faster in a microwave or on a stove?

Microwaveable popcorn typically takes about three minutes to pop, depending on the microwave. Stovetop popcorn usually takes longer to prep and cook. Average prep time runs about five minutes, as ... Read More »