How to Replace the T-Stat Housing in a Chevy Truck?

Answer The thermostat housing (sometimes called a t-stat housing) on the engine of a Chevrolet truck holds the thermostat in place. This housing can crack, and if it does, you will then lose coolant out o... Read More »

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How to Use Impact to Loosen a Bolt on T-Stat Housing?

If a bolt on a thermostat housing, or t-stat housing, is stuck, it will easily break if you use too much force. For this reason, you should not use an impact gun on the bolt, but you can use an air... Read More »

How to Replace the Extension Housing Rear Seal on a Chevrolet Truck?

In almost every instance, when the seal in your Chevrolet truck leaks where the driveshaft enters the automatic transmission, the extension housing bushing has failed and the driveshaft has too muc... Read More »

Replace a Rear Tail Housing Seal on a 85 to 94 Chevy Pickup?

The rear tail housing seal is a common leak. The driveshaft is constantly moving in and out of the rear tail housing seal as the axle moves. This tends to wear on the seal and causes it to leak tra... Read More »

How to Replace Shocks on a Chevy Truck?

Chevrolet trucks have had the same basic shock absorber setup for over 50 years, and each shock can be individually removed and replaced by the average backyard mechanic in about 20 minutes each.