How to Replace the Starter on a 1995 Saab 9000?

Answer After working reliably so many times, the starter in your 1995 Saab 9000 has finally gotten tired and slowly, or suddenly, dies on you. Fortunately, the starter in your Saab is fairly accessible, e... Read More »

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How to Replace a 1995 Saab Starter?

The starter on your Saab uses its pinion gear to engage the flywheel in an attempt to start the engine. Once the engine starts, the pinion during normal operation retracts itself automatically from... Read More »

Saab 9000 Keeps Stalling?

The Saab 9000 first appeared in the mid 1980s. It came in a variety of models, most of which had turbocharged and Saab's Trionic computer-controlled engines. Occasionally problems in the vacuum s... Read More »

Saab 9000 Won't Turn Over?

If your Saab 9000 will not turn over, then it has the potential to be an extremely easy fix, such as a new battery or a difficult fix, such as an electrical problem. Knowing some of the basics abou... Read More »

How Do I Change the Thermostat on a Saab 9000?

The Saab 9000 was manufactured between 1985 and 1998. Because of its age, you should expect the thermostat to fail at some point, since it is a mechanical part prone to wearing out due to the const... Read More »