How to Replace the Serpentine Belt in a Honda Prelude?

Answer A Honda Prelude generally has multiple belts, but the number of drive belts, or serpentine belts, varies depending on engine type. Because engine types, model years, and other details can change th... Read More »

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How to Replace the Timing Belt in a 1985 Honda Prelude?

In 1985, the Honda Prelude came with either a 2.0L or a 1.8L engine. Both are 4-cylinder engines, and both are interference engines. This means that if the timing belt stretches past its useful lif... Read More »

How to Check and Replace a Timing Belt in a Honda Prelude?

Timing belts keep your vehicle's valves opening and shutting in synch with the pistons. Checking and replacing your Honda Prelude's timing belt at regular intervals prevents breakage, serious engin... Read More »

How to Replace the Serpentine Belt in a Honda CR-V?

The Honda CR-V may have one or more drive belts. The main drive belt is called a serpentine belt and runs multiple accessories. According to parts information from Dayco, the Honda CR-V takes a 62-... Read More »

How to Replace a Pulley Serpentine Belt on a Honda CRV?

Similar to most vehicles on the road, the Honda CRV operates through the use of a serpentine belt. This belt turns the crankshaft of the engine as well as various components within the engine, such... Read More »