How to Replace the Seal on a Kenmore Front?

Answer The door seal on a front-loading Kenmore dryer is connected to the inside of the door on the front panel of the unit, and a seal for Kenmore front-loading washer is connected to the washer drum. Th... Read More »

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How to Replace a Front Seal on a Kenmore HE3 Washer?

The front seal on the Kenmore HE3 washer is known by several different names, including a bellow, boot or gasket. Replacing the door seal is not difficult, but you must disassemble the machine to g... Read More »

How to Change the Front Tub Seal on a Kenmore Washer?

Every front-loading Sears Kenmore washer is equipped with a tub seal that keeps the area between the tub and the door watertight when the door is closed. If the tub seal is damaged or defective, th... Read More »

How to Replace the Bellow Seal Clamp on a Kenmore HE3?

If water is leaking from the door of your Kenmore HE3 washer when you're running a cycle, you could have a loose or broken bellow. The bellow is a large rubber boot that seals the washer to prevent... Read More »

How to Replace Kenmore Front Loader Bearings?

The spinning of the tub in your washing machine is essential to the appliance's function, and the bearing assemblies make it possible. If your Kenmore front-load washing machine is making squeaking... Read More »