How to Replace the Radiator Thermostat on a Vehicle?

Answer Every car, from the beginning of Henry Ford's Model T line to those of today, has one thing in common with all the others: the engine gets hot. The thermostat in your vehicle is essentially a heat-... Read More »

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Replace the Thermostat in a Vehicle?

The thermostat accelerates the warming up period of the engine, which expands the internal components to the proper tolerances to eliminate blow by and undesirable emissions. Most all of the thermo... Read More »

How to Bypass a Vehicle Thermostat?

Occasionally, your vehicle's thermostat will go bad and either function poorly or stop functioning. When this happens, your operating temperature will suddenly start to increase, which can lead to ... Read More »

How to Install a Thermostat in a Vehicle?

Installing a thermostat in a vehicle is necessary if the one currently installed has failed. Diagnosing a failed thermostat is easy. If the operating temperature of the engine remains lower than no... Read More »

Can You Run a Vehicle Without a Thermostat?

Thermostats are used to manage engine temperature, not only for cooling purposes but also for proper engine operation. A car will run and can be driven without a thermostat, but doing so will cause... Read More »