How to Replace the Piston Rings for an Engine Tech?

Answer Pistons don't touch the sides of a cylinder in an engine; narrow rings of metal riding in grooves around the piston take care of that duty. The piston rings take the wear that comes from the piston... Read More »

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How to Install Piston Rings on a 22Re Engine?

Piston rings for a Toyota 22RE engine are available in ductile iron and chrome. Ductile iron is the most common and easily sealed where the chrome are designed for dusty climatic zones. They last l... Read More »

How to Replace Car Piston Rings?

Though they are relatively small, and inexpensive, piston rings play a crucial part in your engine's performance. Rather than relegating the task to an auto repair technician, you can easily replac... Read More »

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Piston Rings?

The cost of piston rings will vary based on the size of the engine being re-ringed. A low-cost set of rings for a single cylinder engine may be less than $20, and less than $100 for an eight-cylind... Read More »

How to Replace the Piston Rings on a 22RE?

The Toyota 22RE engine is installed in 4Runners and pickups. The rings that surround 22RE pistons keep the oil distributed and seal the piston against the sides of the cylinder. The rings are desig... Read More »