How to Replace the Parking Sensors On a BMW E46?

Answer Parking sensors notify you with a beeping noise how far away you are from a wall or obstruction when you're parking, usually in reverse. Replacing one on a BMW E46 is pretty straight forward but te... Read More »

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How Do Wireless Parking Sensors Work?

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How to Remove Parking Distance Sensors?

Parking distance sensors, typically on your rear bumper, "see" into your blind spot for you, and alert you with a noise if there is an object in the way as you back up. Not all cars and trucks com... Read More »

How to Install Rear Parking Sensors?

Are your parking skills "less than perfect?" Do you back up an inch at a time for fear there is something behind the vehicle you cannot see? Unfortunately, that "something" could be a garbage can, ... Read More »

How to Replace Oxygen Sensors?

An oxygen sensor senses the free oxygen in the exhaust system. It creates a low, constant varying voltage that is used by the computer to analyze the quality of the fuel mixture. The computer takes... Read More »