How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor in a Mustang?

Answer Computer-controlled cars require a lot of input to meter air and fuel in the appropriate ratio. The Mustang's O2 (oxygen) sensor is basically a temperature probe; a fuel-rich mixture will make exha... Read More »

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How to Replace a 1994 Mustang Oxygen Sensor?

Internal combustion engines cannot run without the proper mixture of air and fuel. The 1994 Ford Mustang features an oxygen sensor, which is designed to supply the car's computer with information a... Read More »

How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor on a 2001 Ford Mustang?

The oxygen sensor within your 2001 Ford Mustang is an important component in regulating your vehicle's emissions. The sensor ensures emissions are clean by controlling the amount of unburned oxygen... Read More »

How to Install a Heated Oxygen Sensor on a Ford Mustang?

It is important to replace a broken heated oxygen sensor (HO2S) on your Ford Mustang. Oxygen sensors monitor the exhaust gases and send this information to your Mustang's computer to regulate the a... Read More »

How do I Replace an O2 Sensor With Os-4000 Universal Oxygen Sensor on a 2002 Outback?

Most vehicles, including the 2002 Subaru Outback, have the same size oxygen sensor, which is 7/8-inch. The biggest difference in oxygen sensors is that some have a preheater and some don't. The 200... Read More »