How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor Engine Light on a Ford F-150?

Answer The oxygen sensor light on the dash of your Ford F-150 is actually the "Check Engine" light. Replacing the light is not uncommon because, over time, these bulbs do burn out. However, when replacing... Read More »

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How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor Engine Light?

An automobile has several warning lights embedded into the dash, and after years of service the bulbs in these lights burn out. Replacing them involves disassembling the dashboard, and possibly the... Read More »

How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor on a Ford?

The oxygen (O2) sensor is a device that monitors the presence of oxygen in the exhaust gases of a motor vehicle. The sensor produces an electrical voltage in relation to the amount of oxygen presen... Read More »

How to Replace the Oxygen Sensor on a Ford 5.4?

The Ford 5.4l V-8 engine is a powerful and popular engine that's been used in multiple generations of Ford F-150 trucks. In a 2005 model, as is the case with this project vehicle, it uses a pair of... Read More »

Replace an Oxygen Sensor on a Ford Taurus?

There are at least two sensors on the Ford Taurus. One sensor is in front of the catalytic converter, and the other is behind it. Oxygen sensors check the amount of unburned oxygen going in the Tau... Read More »