How to Replace the Oil Pan Gasket in a Ford F-Series?

Answer If you've noticed a puddle of oil under your Ford F-Series truck, it may be an indication that the oil pan gasket is leaking and needs to be replaced. Changing the oil pan gasket can be difficult a... Read More »

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How to Replace Valve Cover Gasket in a Ford F-Series?

Whether you are the original owner or have recently purchased your 1987-1988 F-Series, if you are experiencing an oil leak or have smoke coming from it, then it is time to replace the valve cover g... Read More »

How to Replace a Lower Intake Manifold Gasket on a 3800 Series II?

The Series II 3.8-liter or 3800 engine was manufactured for several GM vehicles, including the 1996 Buick Regal. The deck height on the Series II is shorter than on the Series I 3800 engine -- the ... Read More »

How to Replace the Oil Pan Gasket on a Ford 6 Cyl?

On a Ford vehicle equipped with a 6-cylinder engine, the oil pan is located on the lowest part of the motor; normally there is a gasket present between the pan and the engine. This gasket wears out... Read More »

How to Replace a Ford Ranger Oil Pan Gasket?

The oil pan on a Ford Ranger pickup is mounted on the bottom of the engine block; it collects motor oil after the oil circulates through the engine. If you regularly notice a black puddle underneat... Read More »