How to Replace the Moisture Seal in a Bathtub?

Answer The caulk moisture seal around your bathtub can dry and crack over time, leading to shrinkage. This shrinkage causes gaps between the bathtub and the wall where water can trickle down. Water can da... Read More »

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How to Seal Moisture in Short, Relaxed Hair?

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How to Seal Around a Basin or Bathtub with Silicone?

Learn how to seal a basin or bathtub using silicon or caulk. This process of silicon sealing stops water penetration into joints around wash basins, bathtubs or shower trays.

How to Replace a Moisture Sensor on a GE Profile?

When your GE Profile dryer runs too long and over-dries your clothes, it might be time to change the moisture sensor. The moisture sensor determines how much heat the dryer must produce based on th... Read More »