How to Replace the Mirror on a Toyota Matrix?

Answer The rear view mirror in a Toyota Matrix fastens to the windshield. This is the way most late model import vehicles have the mirror attached. The base of the mirror is bolted to a metal plate called... Read More »

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How to Replace the Front Headlight on a Toyota Matrix?

Driving with faulty headlights is dangerous for the drivers of vehicles around you, too. Both your ability to see the road and to be seen by other drivers is diminished. Replacing a headlight on a ... Read More »

How to Replace the Radio Fuse on a Toyota Matrix?

When the radio cuts out in your Toyota Matrix, a simple troubleshooting step to avoid the cost of a new radio is to replace the fuse. The radio and cigarette lighter share a 15-amp fuse in the Matr... Read More »

How Do I Replace an 05 Toyota Matrix Cabin Air Filter?

The 2005 Toyota Matrix is equipped with a replaceable cabin air filter that keeps allergens and dust out of the passenger compartment. Toyota recommends replacing the cabin air filter in the Matrix... Read More »

How do I Replace a Battery Cable on a 2003 Toyota Matrix?

Monitor the condition of the battery cables on your 2003 Toyota Matrix and replace at the first sign of damage or corrosion to keep your car running in optimal condition. When you operate '03 Camry... Read More »