How to Replace the Mirror on a Buick LeSabre?

Answer The process for replacing the rearview mirror in your Buick LeSabre is the same as that for most vehicles manufactured since the 1980s. The mirror in your LeSabre bolts onto a small metal bracket w... Read More »

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How to Install a Power Mirror in a 2002 Buick Lesabre?

Power mirrors on the 2002 Buick Lesabre were an option depending on the trim package you chose. However, even if you opted not to have power mirrors you can install them on your own without getting... Read More »

How to Replace the Tie Rod on a Buick LeSabre?

Tie rods on your Buick LeSabre transmit the steering motion from the steering rack to the wheels. They should be replaced when you feel looseness in the steering wheel. If you feel that any part of... Read More »

How to Replace The Alternator on A '98 Buick LeSabre?

The job of the alternator is to convert the electricity from the car battery to a source of electricity that the car can use to power its components. The alternator also recharges the battery while... Read More »

How to Replace the TPS in a Buick LeSabre 1994?

The throttle position sensor (TPS) in a 1994 Buick LeSabre is located on the right side of the throttle body, on top of the intake manifold. This sensor is designed to provide the powertrain contro... Read More »