How to Replace the Lug Bolts on a Lexus 300?

Answer Automobiles require constant maintenance to keep them running in good condition. The tires of your vehicle take the brunt of wear and tear, and proper tire maintenance is necessary to keep the vehi... Read More »

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How to Replace Lug Bolts?

A lug bolt, also called a lug nut stud, need only to be replaced if it has been broken or the threads have been stripped. These lugs are a vital part of your wheel and brake assembly, and literally... Read More »

How to Replace Hub Bolts?

Hub bolts connect the wheels to the hub assembly. These bolts can occasionally get stripped or bent, requiring removal and replacement. It helps if you have some auto-repair experience, but even if... Read More »

How to Replace Lug Bolts on a VW?

There are two different ways wheels are fastened to a vehicle's hub. One is with lug nuts threaded onto a stud that is part of the hub. The other is with a lug bolt, which is a bolt that goes throu... Read More »

How to Replace the Bolts on an Alternator?

Alternators are fixed to a car's engine with three bolts. Two bolts are static and attach directly to the engine block -- one at the back of the alternator and one at the front. The third bolt atta... Read More »