How to Replace the Lower Control Arm in a Miata?

Answer The Miata is a small, two seat roadster made my Mazda. As with other roadsters, maintenance is important because of the abuse that this car tends to get from its drivers. One of the less common ite... Read More »

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How to Replace BMW e30 Lower Control Arms and Control Arm Bushings?

BMW cars use a MacPherson strut front suspension which has a lower control arm shaped like an L on both sides. This control arm has two ball joints, an inner joint which connects to the chassis an... Read More »

How to Replace the S10 Lower Control Arm?

S-10 pickups have been popular since the '80s because they're affordable, easy to work on and have lots of aftermarket accessories. If you want to lower your truck or install airbags, replacing the... Read More »

How to Replace the Lower Control Arm on a PT Cruiser?

The lower control arm on your PT Cruiser helps to hold the steering knuckle in position as you move down the road. Even though the control arm itself is held in place only by two bolts, a ball join... Read More »

How to Replace the Lower Control Arms On a GM Truck?

There are several ways to lower your vehicle, and one of the more popular ones is to replace the lower control arms with a dropped set of control arms, lowering the spring pocket in relation to the... Read More »