How to Replace the Ignitor on a Maytag MGR5770ADA Stove?

Answer The gas-powered Maytag MGR5770ADA stove has burners for boiling and simmering on top of the range while an oven beneath is big enough to cook the largest roast. The gas in these ranges is lit by a ... Read More »

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How to How to Replace the Ignitor on a Maytag Stove?

A Maytag gas stove consists of a pilot light that lights the burners when needed. On older gas stoves, including the Maytag, the pilot was burning all the time which used more energy. From about th... Read More »

I replaced the ignitor but the burner or stove still does not work?

Do you have a make and model number for us, Ron? Gotta know more.Tell us exactly what it is and isn't doing. Can you hear gas? See a spark? The more we know, the better guesses we can offer as ... Read More »

How to Clean a Maytag Stove?

Maytag recommends that stoves be cleaned after each use to keep them functioning properly and to maintain their appearance. Cleaning your stove does not require special cleaners; instead, a simple ... Read More »

How do i unlock my maytag stove?

Locate the LatchStand in front of the Maytag stove and look at the oven door. There may be a locking latch just above the oven door. If your stove has a latch, slide it all the way to the left to u... Read More »