How to Replace the Heater Core in a Dodge Caravan?

Answer The heater core is a smaller version of the radiator located underneath the dashboard of your Dodge Caravan. Sometimes this auto part can fail and cause the cooling system to malfunction. Replacing... Read More »

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How to Replace the Heater Core on a 2003 Dodge Caravan?

The 2003 Dodge Caravan has two heater cores: one for the front vents and one for the rear. Replacing the front heater core is a large project that requires removing the steering column. The rear he... Read More »

How do I Flush the Heater Core in a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

The heater core in the 1998 Dodge Caravan can be accessed from the engine compartment. The heater core is connected to the engine via hoses attached directly to the core. The hoses are located on ... Read More »

How to Flush a Heater Core on a 1992 Dodge Caravan?

The 1992 Dodge Caravan's heater core is mounted under the dashboard on the passenger side of the vehicle. To perform a heater core flush, you will need to access the passenger side of the engine co... Read More »

How to Remove a Heater Core in a 1997 Dodge Caravan?

The Caravan sends hot coolant to a small part that acts as a reverse radiator. It takes in heat from the coolant and sends it into the passenger compartment. This part, called the heater core, ca... Read More »