How to Replace the Headlights on a Sprinter?

Answer The headlights on a Dodge Sprinter should be replaced once the headlight housing is cracked or damaged in any way. The headlights on the Sprinter use a reflective backing on the inside of the headl... Read More »

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How to Replace BMW Headlights?

The headlights on your BMW need to be replaced when the headlight burns out. The headlights on BMWs have an expected service life of over 3,000 hours. Because the headlights can burn out at any tim... Read More »

How to Replace LHS Headlights?

If the headlights on your Chrysler LHS are burnt out or broken, you need to replace them. Fortunately, the engine compartment of the LHS was designed in part to facilitate the replacement process; ... Read More »

How to Replace the Headlights on a Kia?

Changing headlights on a Kia may take a bit of time. Replacing the bulbs is ultimately a cheaper fix than replacing the entire headlight assembly. The best place to do this repair is in your garag... Read More »

How to Replace the Headlights on a Malibu?

Replacing the headlights on your Chevrolet Malibu is very important as driving a vehicle with faulty headlights is dangerous. If you choose to drive your Malibu with faulty headlights, you could re... Read More »