How to Replace the Headlight Lens on a 1997 Neon?

Answer The headlight lens on the 1997 Dodge Neon is clear plastic and connected to a black, plastic housing. The housing has five mounting points that hold the lens in place. The lens uses a replaceable h... Read More »

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How to Clean the Headlight Lens on a '97 Plymouth Neon?

Headlight lens covers take a huge beating as you cruise down the road in your Plymouth Neon. Dirt, sand, dust, rain, rocks, and salt are just a few of the environmental hazards your headlights endu... Read More »

How to Remove a Headlight Lens From a 1997 Ford F-350?

The headlight assembly on your 1997 Ford F-350 protects the bulbs and the electrical wiring from water and other contaminants. If there is damage or discoloration in your headlight assembly, you sh... Read More »

How to Replace a 2001 Neon Headlight?

If you drive your 2001 Dodge Neon long enough, one of your headlights will go out. It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when. However, instead of taking the car to a mechanic and paying an extr... Read More »

How to Replace Headlight Bulbs on a Chrysler Neon?

The Neon, manufactured by Chrysler and sold under the Dodge and Plymouth brand, was produced until 2005. The small Neon's limited engine bay space means that you cannot access the headlight bulbs d... Read More »