How to Replace the Fuel-Water Separator on a Boat?

Answer The purpose of a fuel-water separator is to separate water from fuel, whether the fuel is gasoline, diesel fuel or a gasoline/oil blend. Some are capable of filtering up to 15-gallons of diesel fue... Read More »

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How to Replace a Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter?

The fuel filter in a diesel engine serves a couple of purposes--it filters out impurities in the fuel and allows condensed water to drain out before reaching the pistons. Over time, the fuel filter... Read More »

What Is a Fuel Water Separator?

A fuel water separator is used to remove contaminant water from gasoline or diesel fuel. Fuel water separators are commonly installed on boats to prevent water in the fuel from reaching the engine.... Read More »

How to Remove a 7.3 Fuel and Water Separator?

The 7.3 diesel engine found in some Ford trucks and vans uses a fuel and water separator that is installed between the fuel tank and the fuel injection system. This is to remove the water found in ... Read More »

How to Change a Fuel Water Separator?

The fuel-water separator is present in most in-board boat engines and almost every car or truck. The device serves as a fuel filter to remove particulate from the fuel but also serves to remove wat... Read More »