How to Replace the Front Bumper on a Toyota Tacoma?

Answer Although the Tacoma nameplate has only been used since 1995, the truck has been sold in the United States since the late 1960s, under the simple name of Toyota Pickup. The Tacoma is one of the most... Read More »

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How to Replace the Front Windshield on a Toyota Tacoma?

You can replace the front windshield on your Toyota Tacoma from your home garage, saving yourself time and money. A windshield keeps you safe from debris as well as keeps roof from caving in should... Read More »

How to Replace the Front Struts in a Toyota Tacoma 4WD?

The front struts on your 4WD Toyota Tacoma work in a similar fashion to a MacPherson strut on a car, as they dampen the ride on the front of the truck and also allow for a front drive axle to mount... Read More »

How to Replace Toyota Tacoma Front Rotors?

The brake rotors are integral components of the Toyota Tacoma's anti-lock braking system. Disc brakes require that the brake pads, the brake rotors, the caliper pistons and the brake fluid lines wo... Read More »

How to Replace Front Rotors on a 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

Front rotors on the 2003 Toyota Tacoma are the main part of a disc brake system. The disc brake pads squeeze the rotors every time you step on the brakes, much like squeezing your fingers around a ... Read More »