How to Replace the Flame Sensor on a Whirlpool LGN2000JT0?

Answer The Whirlpool LGN2000JT0 is a front-loading automatic gas dryer designed for residential or industrial use. The flame sensor monitors the flame on the gas burner assembly. A defective or broken fla... Read More »

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How to Replace a Flame Sensor Heater?

Designed to keep your home safe in case something in your gas furnace fails, the flame sensor is a small, but vital part to any gas furnace. But a faulty flame sensor will tell your gas furnace to ... Read More »

How does a flame sensor work in home furnaces by using a metal rod in the flame?

Its not a flamesensor its a pilot generater it generates a small amound of electricity to open the main valve that way if your pilot light goes out it wont let gas escape and couse a potentian expl... Read More »

How do I adjust the burner flame on a Whirlpool gas range?

Adjust the BurnerPull the burner control knob off the front of the Whirlpool stove. Underneath the knob is the valve stem, which looks like a thin tube. Grasp the stem with pliers, and gently hold ... Read More »

How to Test a Flame Sensor?

A flame sensor is a safety measure installed in appliances such as furnaces and clothing dryers. When the burner ignites, the flame sensor detects the heat and communicates to the control board to ... Read More »